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FFVII Kink Meme

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Name:FFVII Kink/Prompts Meme
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Community description:A kink/prompt meme for the Final Fantasy VII fandom!
Hello friends!

Welcome to the FFVII kink/prompt meme!
I hope you enjoy your stay among us and help us keep this (old) fandom alive ;)

Some information about this community:

When I say FFVII, I mean the Compilation of all works. Meaning, you can prompt for anything related to Before Crisis, Crisis Core, Last Order, Meteor Crisis, Advent Children (and AC: Complete), Dirge of Cerberus, Kingdom Hearts, …

• Technically, this is a kink meme. But really, we accept any FFVII related prompt. Give us/the writers an idea, kinky or not, and we/they'll see what we/they can do! \o/

• Kink meme does imply that you must be 18 or older to participate/read the fills (or whichever age is adult in your country).

You may post anonymously or not, as you wish, it's your choice. (obviously, don't out posters, if you recognize them!)

One request can be filled several times! The more, the merrier, don't hesitate to 'answer' in art or vids or…, not only in fics.

Reviews and/or Concrit (constructive criticism) are welcome, but kinkshaminghijacking, and flaming are not tolerated. Be nice and also, "Do not do unto others what you do not want others do unto you." ;D

• A map of this community is available here. You can contact me in the comments of this post if you have questions.

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This community was previously hosted on Livejournal. Surprisingly (insert heavy sarcasm), the new (April 2017) Terms of Services have reached new heights of awfulness. It has resulted in a large migration of all fandoms from LJ to Dreamwidth. Including this community.
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This was [personal profile] oceanandspace, previously known as [ profile] anyssia, May the 5th, 2017.

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